Brown crab

Brown crab is becoming increasingly popular in culinary circles. That is because the claw meat of a nice and big brown crab is in no way inferior to the much more highly valued lobster. The Keuter brothers in the meantime have a number of years of experience in catching crabs under their belts and know exactly how to keep the crab as fresh as possible. Live Seafood delivers only the best quality crab. Our delivery can be made based on weight, but also based on gender (male or female crab).

Chinese mitten crab

The Chinese mitten crab is enormously popular among Chinese people all around the world. Not so long ago the fishers tried to avoid catching crab, because the crab broke the fish traps. In recent years, however, an enormous market for the Chinese mitten crab has developed and is a welcome addition to the value of many inland fishermen. The fish traps have now been specially modified to catch Chinese mitten crab.

Most Chinese mitten crab is caught between 1 September and 1 December, which is when eel is not permitted to be caught.


The Keuter brothers are true eel specialists. The fishermen have been fishing for this true Dutch delicacy for years. The Keuter brothers catch the eel on the Lauwersmeer, where according to an official study the fish stock is very healthy. Eel is mainly caught the period from May/June to 1 September and in the months of December and January.

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