Live Seafood BV was created as a result of the Keuter brothers’ wish to sell their own fish from their boats the UK 146 and the ZK 38. The Keuter brothers have a wealth of experience in the area of crab and eel fishery.

At Live Seafood, fisherman's wife Anja Keuter is the point of contact for all customers. She coordinates the sale of mainly brown crab, Chinese mitten crab and eel from a professional fish company on Urk, the Netherlands. The Chinese mitten crab and eel can be delivered straight from the boat.

Live Seafood strives to get the catch to consumers as fresh as possible. A great deal of crab is therefore brought directly from the boat to various customers. In this way, the crab is ready within a few hours after being caught for packaging and shipping to, for example, restaurants.

A life support system is being developed at De Riepel's building on Urk, with which the crab will be kept alive in salt water. In this way, Live Seafood can offer continuity in the sale of brown crab.